2003-03-30 @ 1:23 p.m.
woked up ~ lateda ~ whatever

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these things dont have my near-infinite pre-prgrammed responces..grr! stupid format

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i woke up, which sux... im becoming under-slept... i was justing to be awake, thought of lauren, now i cant go back to sleep.. and today is prolly gonna suck due to lack-of-lauren... a day without Lauren is like sleep without rest, theres just no point ot it?

i had this dream where i was living in this cave-thing under/near a creek or river...? ..??? jordan was in it tho, so im happy

last nite i talked to lauren, fer, like, hours online.. it r0xd ..

***falls asleep, waks up agin***


***reads entrys n email n such***

well, today isnt coolies yet ... i mean, reading the entrys are fun, but it sure doesnt beat having anyone around....

im thinking about jus going-H4rDC0r3 and walking to laurens ... because i kno if i jus sit here nothing will get done ... if i get up, the DM will prolly have her call me...

but i didnt wanna get up today.. im lazy ...


ill call kiel too, cuz if im gonna go over there, itd be nice to have him run interference w/ the borther... those two could talk n play games n shit... *lolz* .. i n33d to shower tho...

**i wish i could waste my tyme without wasting all of your tyme**

yeah, im moving now


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