2003-03-28 @ 12:10 a.m.
Lauren ~ long tireding day ~ lateda ~ fohcheesy

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MIDI: im not sure if its working or not.. my comp needs more work

Love: its very hard to deal wit... makes me nervous for sure

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i almost fell asleep w/o updating

omg.. im -that- tired

so basically after the crisis'ing, i thought?

and well, i feel bad.. but christina did dump me, and does have alot to deal with. and she did start to play those lil game ... and that doesnt go over well with me... plus, lauren has freckles... which is unbelievably cute.

*feels bad*

but it is -my- decision.. and as for this 'amanda' ... too fucking bad, her fault for being sexually deviant. *has little remorse for her*


so yeah

while making my decision *i havta multitask, always* i talked to Lauren... i felt all lonely since i hadnt left my room for so long, i wanted ot hear someones voice *hers especially* so we talked for quite awhile... and i jus realized stuff, all the afore mentioned thinkyness

then, fatkid wanted the phone, but instead of asking, he thought he could win by making the phone beep n shit.. so after awhile he starting actually pressing button *i was on the house phone knoing my phone dies qithin 40-70 minz.. we talked longer than that already* .. so im like "itll be me on the other line" and i calld her on the cell... talked for awhile, prolly coming close to killing the cellphone, but whatever...

then i went to meet her online... my puter was defrag'ing still ...... grr'ness .. so i watched Star Trek TNG ... which was sweet ... then i got online n we talked -even more- till around 10'ish.. then more work, trying to get the sound to work... finally, about 10 mins ago i got the right driver installed *thankies God* and now im happy oncemore *alkaline trio in the background*

its hard to believe... Lauren likes alkaline trio on her own... *sigh*

like it was meant to be or somethin?


theres only two foreable problems in my near future *three actually* ... cellphone/ca$h .. amanda, and the fact im leaving July 29th.

trm i see her agin :) which r0x ... i may actually apply at Hot Topic *forgot the app yesturday, cuz of Lauren*

but yeah.. it turns out when i talked to Alyssa, the santa cruz trip isnt happening this weekend, but next ... grr'ness

maby ill apply at wendyz or taco bell trm too

cuz, my life is shit, -and- im broke

actually, i take that back -> all life not-gifted by Laurens presence is shit, and im broke

quite broke

scary broke

like, if someone said "gimme $20 or you -die-" most ppl could pull together $20, mooching even.... me, no, im dead, its over

theres a banner telling me spray deoderant is cold... do i care -> No.

im tired

need sleep i thinks

hopefully lauren calls trm... strangely, i like being woken up?


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