2003-03-28 @ 12:47 p.m.
waking up~

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before i slept i realized my MIDI's arent working *on my puter at least* so thats more work laterz.. then i realized i hadnt put any of my games on here yet, so ill do that too...

woke up n was calld.. then kiel tryd calling a few tymes... going to the mall today..

yeah, now to become a hypocrite and starts typing replys to other pplz entrys

ok, not other pplz, jus christinas

she should have jus talked to me *christina freckles were frequently covered my makeup :P* and then she could hear a lil more in-depth my reasoning. basically, Lauren is doing this "never met anyone like you before" .. im kinda used to it, but at the same tyme, i cant ignore it ... christina did dump me, for reason that havnt bein resolved. Meanwhile Laurens questioning her ties to amanda ... plus, christina being 'grr' about things is making me un-like her more *now realizes exactly why jill hated me for talking to dan :D* ... but yeah, Lauren was gonna talk to Amanda herself, shit, if i could, id talk to amanda! ... christina says *actually typed, and i doubt she meant* that she wanted the best for things, and that she cared for amandas feelings... but if amanda really is -that- infatuated with Lauren, then having someone who isnt-lauren talk to her about this is going to mkae things x100 times worse... either way tho -> pessimism says i lose, and i prolly would have either way... this jus has a higher chance of success.

oh, as for kiel, well... he'd be having sex with amanda, lauren, and christina all w/o any of them knoing about each other... im doing the near-opposite, im factoring things down to a one-on-one relationship...

*jeffs here*


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