2003-03-25 @ 8:39 p.m.
met Lauren ... yeah, read the entry

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Love: its very hard to deal wit... makes me nervous for sure

Mood: Its Tyme You Learned JUST Who You Picked A Fight With!!!!

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ok, so my day

i stayd awake till 9'ish, calld the navy, they accepted my guilt... in fact, they were even a little annoyed "yes yes everythings ok, its fine, hangup now" ... so yeah

i did some online-ness.. kiel calld, somehow knowing im awake? .. i had ph34r... i ended up all ready n shower n crap, made myself a new outfit jus to met Lauren... i had a Navy-shirt that never fit with any undershirt.. so i mod'd an old shirt to match it.. i think i r0x'd .. :)


so i go to kiels, wastes hours, jill came... i stole 2 months worth of birth-control-pills from her... im not sure why exactly, but it makes me feel good inside *evil, very evil grin* .. i dunno... now that im thinking about it, i dont really plan on using them, and its a pretty fucked-up thing to do...... .... .... but then agin so is convincing someone to change their life for you, ditch the best tihng thats ever happend to you and then throw you away like garbage... *feels saner now*

ended up at the mall at 3 .. cuz see, me n lauren were goona meet at 4, im usually early, since i dont like being late, and so to counter her expected earlyness, i was there at 3

she got there at 4:20'ish ..... but it still r0x'd awesomely.. dwight calld wanting ride n such from kiel, who got his full-official-license today.... so yeah

meeting Lauren ... omfg ... :):) ... its hard to explain exactly what happend the whole tyme.. jus talking n such... but in my think-ness-world.. .. 0v3r-cl0ck3d .....

then i chilld wit kiel more, we drove places.. nothing really important

then i went to his home n ate something *prolly jills dinner, but no one claimed it? she wasnt home to either :D hehe* .. then i rushed here

now im online

talking to Lauren


christina entry reminds me of reading a teen magazine for middle-schoolers... "oh hes cute, and hes cute, but i like him.. oh, but since daddy might be mad im not dating anyone .. and Oh My God, this lipstick *faints*" ... im sorry, its just hard to take a paragraph that mentions makeup, two guys that arent me, AND a serious relationship issue seriously.

oh, and lamely enough, apparently jeff is fucking april, who i sjordans WIFE, and his lameass excuse "i think im falling in love" .... well at least this tyme she doesnt hav a mustache?

and kiel is having the best week of his life... and its prolly cuz hes prolly only bid maby one or two points of evil... maby less?

so yeah, back to Lauren, who obviously likes me more than Christina *which by the way, the thing that usually makes ALL the difference with me is how much im liked back.. for instance, i wouldnt hesitate to slap lilly with a shovel.. but since she claims to 'be infatuated' i still actually talk to her sometimes..?*

but yueah, my point, if you care, you'll show it.. elsewise im turning quick to cut my loses.. iv beion fucked up too many tymes by a girl who doesnt like me back.. not taking that shit anymore


but yeah

trm is the 26th. ... 99 red balloon day *which im still a little unclear about* and kiel finds out if he won the lottery.. and since iv bein nice to him this whole tyme thru the drama, hes willing to share *hehehe* ... God rewards kindness.. even tho i highly doubt kiels gonna win

oh, and by the way, im feeling much to loved n popular right now to believe only, like, 6 ppl read this.... so, if you havnt already, SIGN THE FUCKING GUESTBOOK!! ... and remember, i DO kno where to live, so your life DOES depend on it :D

i hate typos

... so of course, the next logical step(s).. bidding H4rDC0r3, discussing all sorts of scary issues, like boundries and kissing-related-stuff.. *sigh* life is complicated sometymes...

im gonna go

i wanna type to lauren full-tyme..

so yeah

im neglecting you fer her

*huggles* i kno, im sorry


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