2003-03-26 @ 7:01 a.m.
i woke up... on my own... this early... ph34r i have, yyYYES!

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well, i woke up today

on my own

at 6:30'ish

ill give you some tyme to guess... yeah, jus think... 70-80% of my tyme goes into ________ ...... i dont get calld anymore by christina tho, and Lauren isnt actually enlisted or anything, so im prolly not gonna get calld... and that makes me incredibly sad ...

i had a dream.. somethin about somethin....... like, i remember in this one part i was crawling up this tunnel, cuz they had mesas PE up this corridor, that narrows into a veetical tunnel.. i barely made it, but christina following me couldnt go as far, so she was holding onto me... of course, i cant life -that- much, i didnt make it up this thing.... and even with some help i couldnt get up... finally i did, it was weird tho.. later something about dwight had rips in his pants n i was so sew them...? but all that was was weird... got to hear a girl sing alkaline trio.. but i dont kno her, shes someone i havnt met...? or shes LAuren, i cant remember.. she was very 'wanted' tho... like, the thing was is that she never sang in public or anything, so when she did that, i threw up? in the dream of course.. then i got on this train?.. then i turned to this scary flashback.. agin very tied into an alkaline trio song, altho i dont kno which.. like this guy had a dog, and this other kid ended up killing it.. i cryd afterwards.. of course, still in the dream.. im not sure what the hell any of that has to do with anything

its 7:10 ... im thinking maby -ill- call lauren? but, at the same tyme, that could be very bad.. i dun wanna get her in trouble... grr...

ill jus use my telepathy to send her a psychic message to call me **does that**


but yeah, i woke up

this is scary to me, considering my normal wake-up-on-my-own-tyme is, like 3pm .... now, to look at my last 24hrz, iv biten half my nails off, have only eaten a little off other ppl, and a bowl of cereal... and theres one thought dominating my mind... im turning into a nervous wreck ... of course, this tyme im winning, so im at least happy about it.. had a scary daydream while trying to sleep that lauren didnt like me... i almost irl cryd..

this whole place is starting to creep me out

im gonna go try n sleep a few more hours

or ill be calld?

*hopes, sleeps*


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