2003-03-25 @ 7:58 a.m.
crazy dream ~ start of a day

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crazy-ass dream

i dont remember alot of the begining .. i remember lil things, like seeing on this paper a bunch of test i was supposed to take n two docotrs appointments / prescriptions i could have had ... and like ALyssa n dwight moved in or something? they were sleeping together in michaels room, altho it looked like ALyssa's room from her old house *that house had the same floorplan as my old house* and then i came out on the couch n slept.. michael was there, with these two dogs? the next moring i dont remember, but i went back to college... it was creepy! but like, i was regestering fer classes, it was like a was regestering fer high skoo agin .... i was handed the 'sophomore' paper, and looking at all the classes.. it was weird, cuz most of the class-names were all fancy n shit, like on games when you have a 'fire' spell, then instead of fire2, they have 'inferno' or something? .. well, there was Luna n some otherz.. but see, i didnt pass my last-term, so i filled out a freshman form instead ... and this pen i was using leaked red ink on me.. it looked like blood tho! and when janene saw it, shes all "oh dwight" or something,. as if it was his fault if the pen was leaking blood...? finally im out in a field filling this container in the trunk with water? and then Lauren calld... fer reals she calld, but it happend in the dream, and the dream faded out when i picked up the phone IRL ... :D


im not sure what its supposed to mean exactly.. prolly has something to do with my regrets n such.

but yeah...

im gonna stay awake fer awhile, i havta call the Navy

i might jus -stay- awake because i hate life... and cuz itd make things easyer on my day...


i could jus shower now, go to kiels, call the Navy.. maby even go up there? chill the day away, apply places? , and then end up at the mall around 3:30'ish ... hehe ...

but see, that calls into question "What to wear?" ... for all the travel, id think to wear something that'll keep me cool... for the applying, id wear something that was 'nice' .. and for Lauren, id like to include a fair dose of H4rDC0r3 ... and nothing i own does all three. well, except maby those shorts.. but even then not really... theyre pretty good at the H4rDC0r3 n cooling, but theyre cut-offs, and alot of old-ppl dont agree with cut-offs...

but yeah, Lauren calld this moring :) i felt cool... i wish she could have talked longer, but it was like 7:50 when she calld... christina never talked that late.. always rushing to walk with 'cory' to skoo *grrs* ... but oh well, i have a day to go live now

byebye fer nows


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