2003-03-24 @ 1:11 a.m.
template talk ~ Lauren ~ and some nite.. but not important to the future survival of civilization

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ok, so the rest of my nite i talked with Lauren, becky n kiel... Lauren for most of it tho, which is where most of my news is coming from ->

see, shes quite coolies, and needed a template, well, i got this idea that we could get a pic of us arm-wrestling, which the hand-holdy-thing in the middle.. then, one of us will have the pic reversed.. itd be funny...

well, after lauren went offline, i got to wroking, and i designed the whole templete around that idea, using the template Emma made as a base, cuz Lauren admired that one best *i can understand that ;)* and so i used my skillz to re-mod it into a coolies theme... and its up n ready.. altho for her itll need some tinkering since it has all -my- info in the code, not hers.. but thats minor stuff :)

now gonna post them:

My New Template

Lauren's New Template

of course, if you coludnt already guess, im becoming infatuated with her.. okay, but who could blame me -> She liked Alkaline Trio -before- knowing me!!! how fucking cool is that? so of course im hooked...

and yeah

thats my nite

im gonna shower, ketch up of the un-attended businesses, lateda.. i might get around to sleeping tonite too?


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