2003-03-20 @ 8:52 p.m.
Grr! , and all the day that goes with it?

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today was shit

so i do the wakey-stuff, do to kiels, confirm christinas existance.. she calld about 30 minz later than normal so i got a lil worried.. then, i got up near her home, calld agin, she was gonna havta wait a bit... so i sit down n wait for awhile.... then she calls, her dad said she cant walk the dog.

so i cry, go to the navy office, sit thru the meeting.. my legs n feet hurt, but oh well? still hating life i call around fer a ride, no one loves me that muich tho

so i start home.. my anlke hurts like hell for some reason? i come to this patch of sidewalk that wasnt sidewalk, but dirt and gravel... i knew if i went over it id die, instantly... so using my skillz, i jump it? i land leaning too far forward, then i throw myself to far back, but when i try to balance forward, im too far back so i do this mid-air twist-flip and land in the push-up position dfacing the opposite direction... oww.. but afterwardz the pai goes away a lil, and kiel calls, i re-try to get a ride and do.. so i sit, janene comes ot get me, now im home

kiel didnt like his song apparently.. prolly too-true for his tastes

but yeah

today suckxd

and christina didnt email me. i was looking forward to email...

grr'ness x100

nitenite fer nows



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