2003-03-21 @ 3:47 a.m.
~ Am I Waking Up At All Today?

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im still awake.. i tryd to sleep, but i couldnt.. thinking

first, thinking about all the bad things, then the good things ;), then now, back to the bad stuff... i ate too, but thats not too important

im gonna be calld in three hours, and i will be 'grr', but oh well....

Christina. im seriously being paranoid, or something major is up.. and im scared..

and even if there isnt anything up, there still scaredness.. and its, as always, jills fault

this tyme im not sure how exactly, but since jill keeps making her way into my thinky-ness, im sure its her fault somehow.

i miss christina. i need to find a permanent and more sturdy way around this grounding.. peewee isnt cutting it anymore.. mainly cuz her dad can say 'no' to peewees walk.. and that sux.. alot.. but of course, i cant get involved -directly- so most of my skillz are useless.. grr

plus jennifer... i keep thinking about her alot.. that was undoubtedly ~All My Fault~ ... and so of course, i feel very regrettful n stuff..

i need to stop being alone, i think too much when im by myself...

now im getting tired agin.. im gonna try to sleep...

two in a row fer christina ;)


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