2003-03-17 @ 8:01 a.m.
too early ~ grr!

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i woke up

but for good

its way too early, but im awake?

oh, and by the way, be nice to your mouses!!! i had a dream where myne came after me, i had to swordfight them... yeah, be nice to your mouse!

christina calld, but it was kinda later than normal, so i knew i wasnt gonna do anything this morning... i feel icky, i need to get ready... but im not gonna fer awhile still...

i heard christina typing over the phone, but theres nothing to me.. no emails or entrys... now im curious, ill ask her laters

last nite i did all my nite-tyme stuff ;) .. but forgot KoC .. so i got back on and totally r0xd .. now that i hav an army of 11, im gaining anywhere from 100-300 gold an attack... it totald close to 1000-1500 gold las nite.. yep, im rich, i gain 132 every turn.. so coolies...

im not sure what im doing today... im not sure what i want to do... im thinking about trying n see christina today, but im not sure how? plus, iv decided next tyme i see her im gonna kiss her, so id rather it be a kinda-longer visit... today almost certainly wont be a very long visit.

and im still so tired that i dont kno how to read.. its hard to explain.. :D

i miss christina, and the un-fun that generates is getting worse .. grr...

this totally figures.. *shakes fist* be careful what you wish for!

im still pissed off about frank herberts Dune.

maby ill try sleeping agin


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