2003-03-16 @ 10:05 p.m.
boring ass day, but christina r0x

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Mood: bored, and yet.. a little.. um.. yeah ;)

Person: Christina, the subject and inspiration of my template *as well as other things ;)*

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i used my skillz to store my favorites on DLand w/o having to spend three days extracting them into text

*watching the man show* so yeah... only when it gets a lil boring do i type

i miss christina

my computer old me im not allowed to format

seriously.. i booted with the restore CD, selected "RESTORE : WILL FORMAT" .. then its all CANNOT PERFORM THAT FUCTION ON THIS MACHINE .. and spit the CD out... rebooted... it hates me?

and, i remembered i hav "Hybrid ME/98" ... it -was- 98, but it crashed, so i kept using ME sys files... it Wigg'd so badly.. but i forced its working'ness ........ then forgot


but yeah.. girls on tramplalenes makes you realize stuff... like, exactly what skimpy clothes turn me on :D .. mainly those really really short almost bikini shorts.. and camoflage.. Mmm... i once saw that at Hot Topic, and jizzd on-sight... im sorry, its just too sexy *drools at the outfit*

but yeah..

im very bored.. but im more-lazy so im not doing anything... now, what im thinking is in the morning ill get up quick n early.. quick shower, ride kiels bike fastly to kiels, then run to Christinas, get to see her before skoo...

raven-black hair too... im not sure why i even like that.. but i do.. alot... *drooling agin*

i want email! especially from christina, but from other ppl too! i like my template, do you??

i did nothing today but watch movies i hate n email christina all day..... i hate frank herberts Dune... it really sux.. every coolies scenen i remember was totally fucked up, i barely recognized half of them they were SO wrong..... grr


im clicking 'done!'.. i wanna look at my template and hav a 'christina-fantasy'

***PS:mongolians are cool***

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