2003-03-16 @ 1:13 a.m.
grr... not enough Christina.. 1 n33d m4 f1x

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Somehow im staggering disappointed.

I came home, thats prolly why

so, today, kiel calls, i make plans where im gonna be picked up, go to kiels, n put all the stuff that valueble to me on CD's... so i can format

well, it takes 3-4 hours for him to show up.. in the mean tyme my HD is on the coffee table, so i hav less-than-nothing to do... i watch Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome .... yeah.. it reminded my tho how much i love 80's SciFi.. everyone in the future will have scary mohawk/mullets! ph34r!

then, once he does, theres errand left ot run... fsck

first we direct jill, the zombie queen, to some place..? im not sure why, shes dumb or something

then, to Fry's kiels gonna buy stuff... i new motherboard n chip to be exact

during that, Jordan Calls!! Yeah, Jordan!! i squeal'd in delight!! he has stuff to say, but more than aphonecalls worth.. so yeah... im not sure exact whats up

then, we stop vreifly by kiels; but help- melissa move this U-Haul.. that takes forever, kiel drives melissa's car.. well, fuck, i think i could hav driven stick better! .. i thought i was gonna die, told Christina i love her.. and hoping that wasnt a mistake

after lots of oboring, we finally end up with the U-Haul away n at kiels.. i start putting stuff on CD's... its, like 9'ish.. at around 12:30 im done... i hate life...

Jill is still alive, which kinda sux.. i think it would hav bein easyer on me if she died... and sadly, i thought that on may 9th 2001 ... *makes you think about that*

Christina sent more pictures... none impress me as much as that one from her 8th grade...

*drools* yeah, id do her ;)

so, im thinking im gonna play with the RBG n Gamma on some of the other photos.. see if i can make her cuter, then im gonna finish the new template.. all i really need is a better quote..


im gonna go tho..

I want to be calld trm moring.. *looks at christina* today didnt get to start right... im prolly gonna email her too

nitenite fer nows


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