2003-03-14 @ 1:00 a.m.
~ To wipe this stupid smile off my fucking face

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Midi: Its the Bubble Bobble Theme Song! .. hav gr34t ph34r of m4 sk1llz


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midnite update:

finsihed doing ALOT of work on a new template, but it cant finish until i get piccys of chrissy.. its a template in honor of ~Her~ so its gonna damn well hav some pics

iv had my glasses on long enough now so im getting a headache... fsck

the new template sues alot of new script i havnt done before... and it turns out, frames arent cool anymore, so finding examples of them are incredibly hard... so no frames.. but i still got effect i wanted after, like, well.. its bein a few hours..

i hav one army of KoC... one.. i cant go beat-down on newbies with -one- guy.. fuck.

so, thats means click the link! i need clix0z!!


*screams, growls, needs to take this energy out on someone..* - *Grr!!!GR!GRRR!!!!!!*

um, yeah

i hav no rant

and, as the DLand acct name suggest, the nitetyme brings out the 'me' i ph34r.. i hav, like x4 energy n motivation, but of course, theres nothing ever to do... i say lets go overthrow the daywalkers.. make some kind of sunlight-bomb.. a bio-chemical weapon that bound to melitonin and the more sun you get, it turns into some kind of acidic-tainted-carbohydrate .. hehehe.. you die fer being in the sun too long! oh the sweetness, the whole world converts to reverse-tyme.. i lil sun in the morn, i lil before bed... perfection.

but yeah... grr

I doubt Christina finished reading my diary entirely... im curious on what her thought will be once she takes this entire 9 or 10 months into consideration... ?

***thinks, daydreams... lateda***

ok, yeah, i really had no point to update.. theres, like 3 more from today alone...

I want christina to call, but its 1:30 in the moring, so its prolly not happening fer quite awhile

i miss her tho...


theres always tomarrow


speaking of which, another session with my therapist.. session #2 to be exact... this'll be funny, really funny. "oh yeah, im perfectly happy agin, i dont need you anymore, sorry dude..." .. actually, i prolly need him more than ever.. i dont wanna fuck this up...


*outta nowhere, a solitary tear flows down my cheek* ... wtf?

ok, im sleeping


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