2003-03-14 @ 1:20 p.m.
woked up, dreams, grr

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jus woke up

had a dream.. all i can really remember is it was more good than bad.. and i was eating pizza at kiel *maby wit christina?* .. im conscious all of thirty seconds and kiel calls.. fuck him-> but.. he called.. offering ... Pizza?

so, after i ignored him, woke up, and got halfway thru emails.. i realized... eep!

ok, i remember the rest of the dream... hanging out alot wit The Family.. some crazy chicks keeps almost hitting us.. i get home to a bitchy mom.. got this thing in the mail.. paperwork from the state.. and an execution ID *which, in the dream, if your on death-row you get a special ID?* ... i had, like 4 felony charges cuz of that fucking seatbelt?

earlier in the dream, we were gonna eat some dude.. but first we were gonna fatten him up? .. but instead he got away kinda, and we all helped wash my car.. the paint was cracking off everywhere tho....... ?

dreams are creepy, i dont like having them

today at 6pm, miller...

ill ask if he thinks im crazy?

i havnt really told him much.. general events spread out over four-five years..?


i need to get ready.. kiel might try to come over

i miss Christina *sigh*


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