2003-03-13 @ 9:57 p.m.
*SCREAMS* Grounding, unemployment, boredom, all the little things!! *feels kiels pain*

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Mood: Im getting more-angry every second.. No Christina = Rage.

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Music: Alkaline Trio doesnt apply anymore ... odd (so what does?)

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a few random useless things to all 3 of you who actually look at this thing *i pretend theres, like, 1000 so i feel good inside tho*

christina inadventently reminded me i hav a guestbook, so im now putting the ph34r of retribution into all who look upon this entry! Sign My Stupid Fucking Guestbook!!!!!!!!!!!

second, when answering a 'how are you' i realized something in a reply "christina basically auto-conforms my status to: "Happy" i cant seem to feel any other way when shes in mind"

... that is a good thing :D

and im sure theres at least a few chicks who feel dumb, cuz it might had bein them.. altho there dumb, and prolly would hav stayed that way.. i dont kno, im shutting up


seriously, im thinking that most of the problems iv had, christina has also had, or almost had but averted somehow.. we are very alike personality-wise ...

for instance, we were talking about how her relationships usually end.. she usually gets accused of being annoying n clingy ... and if you were in the room with me, you would hav noticed at that moment my eyes doing that weird-heart-thing that happens in cartoons ... yeah, I dig clingy, mostly because i am, and can apprecite the motive of "if you spend tyme with someone, and it makes you happy; then why not spend -more- tyme with them?" ... no one else seem to understand... this world is fucked up


i need money, and today i got a cool idea! i could get a loan, set to pay off while im in the Navy... i get about $5000, my life becomes -perfect-

*drools* .. of course, the interest would be killer... but oh well, i think it would be worth it.. plus, interest boosts the economy, so itd be akin to contributing to charity :)? .. right?

but whatever

im pissed.. cuz im broke, and i havnt seen Christina in multiple dayz, during a tyme when the relationship most-needs my attention ... and im broke... and im bored most of the day.. grr

now, as iv said earlier.. in a perfect world, or video game, i could use these skillz n make money...

nope, not IRL



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