2003-03-13 @ 6:38 p.m.
Christina~ but didnt actually get a visit :(

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so i stay up, hoping that dwight shows up with Christina... i call kiel at arouns 2:00 since dwight hasnt showed up.. kiel says dwight had work.. fsck. so, theres no hope fer today.....

then dwight walks in, for a few moments i was all happy.. i ask "did you bring me christina?" .. hes all "no, jus got off of work" .. fsck..

then i convince him we should give her a ride home? :)? so we search fer her.. but dont find her.. then, on the way home she calls.. :) we missed her

that suxd

.. end up at kiels, of course jill is all flirty n shit... she keeps taking lil shots at me, only im not wrapped up in her game anymore, so im very cool, calm, controlled.. i fire back.. I braggd about christina, and jill trying to get into why christina might like me.. jill says shes either using me or just wants to get laid, i reply "yeah jill, cuz some girls jus say they love you as an excuse, right?" ... should hav seen the look i got! :D i also mentioned kiel prolly never loved anyone, then i said "yea, i dont think anything in this house could ever feel love" .. jill was all "What?" .. im like"yeah, thats the only way to explain kiel, janene, and especially the way you treated me".. she tryed to retort, but could not ... i won today, it was sweet... she kept trying to talk to dwight about his lovelife, and would put in a nice quip here n there, she is nothing.

then i chilld wit dwight, we went to his home, i did some breif online-ness.. then to my house, watched some TV, got online to christina... now im here :D ... dwight left to give michelle a letter.. jill is destroying him with michelle... i can see it.. stupid fucking zombies


but, on a much funner note->


shes so wonderful... *sigh* ...

im gonna go talk to her on AIM


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