2003-03-11 @ 12:13 p.m.
Christina wakes me up happy; daylight wakes me up fer good ~

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i feel relived

i woke up today

i had a dream.. it was cross-bred with D2, highschool... basically, me, kiel, and two other kids were playing D2.. and at a few points during the non-D2 were all highschool-like.. some kid was pickin on me.. and i was taking it, like i used to in 7th grade... i was so humiliated n miserable.. and i was gonna tattle on him to the office!! ........then later i decided that i was gonna tell dwight instead, but more importantly, try n tear this fool apart myself.. even tho the kid was -huge- ... i hate life.

i hated Highschool more tho

but today is nice, im on my own schedule agin... kiel calld, i was asleep, i grr'd as such.. then woke up fer reals, read Christina's email *so its tyme she learned -just- who she picked a fite with!*-*in a good way;)* and then kinda sat

i hav about 2 n a half hours to do whatever.. I like that.. im not sure how im going to occupy those hours tho...? i could rollerblade to BV and walk christina home? thatd be coolies

ill prolly instead work on my armor, maby stop by HomeDepot about the handle fer the armor... i dunno

i also need to get ready fer the day...

i was woke up in the morning by Christina.. and i like that *i hate waking up tho?* ... and, las nite i had one'a those daydreams-i-dont-quite-control *altho i didnt want to, it was that good* ... it was where me n chrissy kissed, and it was, like, -perfect- .. we stopped, looked each other in the eye, and knew... she was -the one- , this was meant to be. It'd be cool if that happend. :D


altho i got no reply to the other topic ... oh well, ill ask fer reals or somethin .. that one isnt -too- important

..... or maby ill fall asleep?


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