2003-03-10 @ 3:32 p.m.
day~ alil yesterday ~ and too much rant *Christina r0x*

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Midi: Its the Bubble Bobble Theme Song! I can play this on the piano! Sweet!!!

Person:Christina-> shes coolies, very simliar.. im praying quite often about this....

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to explain the short post las nite, dwight was there

he still is now, but isnt awake n looking

so, that was the jist of las nite

today'ish .... spent the nite at dwights, watched Return Of The Jedi... not enough Yoda in that movie i think

then woke up this morning, i had a dream, and missed a call from Christina.. that suxd.. she re-calld a lil while later tho *digs persistence* ...

then we went n saw her, i got a hug *smiles brightly, giggles* and chilld awhile.. then she hadta go to class... some yard-duty0personw as there, she acted SO guilty walking away.. if she was relaxd, acted like nothing was wrong, then we would hav bein safer

went, did the navy-office stuff

found dwight imediately after

chilld at kiels awhile, went to dwights home, dwights dad jacked the car, drove kiel to natalies then me n dwight to kiels

dwight talked to jill, i spent alot of tyme biting my tongue... i hate life

then we left, now im here


"on your diary it said something about someone waiting for you, and then, the

2nd time i was with you guys, you said something about someone waiting for

you again" <-From christina

i dont kno whats up, i tihnk its something good... reply pending

my brain is fighting itself.. which usually means i get erratic.. this tyme, im gonna fite that too...

see, theres that part of my brain who wants Christina to become the center of my universe n all that; then, there the past-brain, who still wants jill .... now of course, the logic center is also for Christina, since jill routinely tells me she doesnt like me anymore.. and shes obviously fucking dan.. she wore that shirt, with those straps, that with one flick of the finger is now around her waist.. yea, that shirt, she hated it, but wore it cuz i liked it.......................................................

she had it on today... for dan prolly

so yeah

im pretty solid in what my life -should- be.... its just a matter of getting there, and staying true to my path... wont let the zombiez in, wont listen to jill anymore... *stabbs my own hearts, saves everyone the trouble**


and, if you read Christinas diary one of the entrys mention kissing me, but curious as to what id do

now, knowing full well she'll read this; im going to pretend she doesnt, and rant ->

now, if i was her, and honestly had that thought... 1.) it wouldnt get to my diary before 2.) id research Jon's past entrys and find out about Jennifer's attempt..

then id hav my answer.. and id type about that

so, to try and avoid the upset my ev1l-l33t caused -> its safe, dont worry, read this -->>######## , and maby a few entrys before that


so, now im jus waiting for a reply on that 'waitng' issue... she said in an email "ill wait 4 u, but 4 what" or something... now im curious on what she meant.. im gonna hunt my entrys too


found it

apparently shes gonna wait for me while im in the Navy... but of course, my evil-pessimistic brain doesnt believe... oh well, i hav no reason not-to trust her.. so ill go with it :D

it is a very nice thing of her to say! *giggles*

well, this is getting long..

i hate life.... but only the lil tiny part that isnt going my way -> the rest r0x


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