2003-03-08 @ 11:28 p.m.
Christina ~ some minor day ~ but more importantly -> Christina

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Midi: music fer the mood... i feel all accomplished; I win, Ca va tres bon!

Person:Christina, who is now my third official g/f. *dances with excitement*

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well, since the last entry, i worked on the armor... i cut out the shield and started to fix the edges... after that it only need reinforcement and a handle...

Christina calld, which was cool... we talked on and off fer a few hours, since her dad kept coming inside or somethin? she wasnt supposed to be talking ;)

i mentioned i had this diary.. she wanted to kno.. im kinda paranoid about it tho.. its 'personal' ;) ...

i email her after shes gone awhile... mainly concerning the diary, but by now that email is prolly outdated...

she calls agin around 9'ish, we talk awhile .. she hasta go.. im about to type an entry.. she calls agin.. but see, in that lil gap i thought to myself.. came to two realizations. the first: if she calls agin, im bidding H4rDC0r3 and asking fi she likes me and/or to be my g/f ... and, well, she calls back. so at first, im a lil girl.. i kinda studder around the topic.... finally, i jus go fer it

And guess what happend?

Yep .. im taken.

so, we talk a lil longer, but its late, shes a daywalker, she n33ds sl33p...

so now im here


the second realization, which pisses me off so much -> lilly was right. im seem to like girls alot more when they hate me. But, since Christina is so very coolies, im gonna like her anywayz ...

*grr's at my stupid evil brain trying to destroy my life*

whihc also makes me think -all- of my problems are my fault.... i scary thought, but it might be true... itd suck.

im gonna find kiel, i need to tell someone about this.. im all giddy n giggly n stuff



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