2003-03-04 @ 2:08 a.m.
oh god.. this is a 2nd entry that has no real point?

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Midi: Its the Bubble Bobble Theme Song! I can play this on the piano! Sweet!!!

Future: That perfect fantasy, true happiness, and all that other crap I messed up..... one more chance?

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2nd entry of the day

im gonna slam my head into a wall

things are going well... i found a new Jillian, who is coolies, and has had a smiliar tymeline as me, but only one step ahead... shes cute, and so coolies

but shes in Ohio

thats mean i obviously cant ruin things my proximity ...

and i wont ever have the money to fly out there.... well, okay, i -will- but ill be ownzd

but yeah... i dont even kno why im posting... but im very happyifyed now...

oh, and a rant

new people ->

www.megatokyo.com .. thats only half the slang, play DnD alot, youll get a good chunk of the rest

or become the padawan of the H4rDC0r3~L33t~Masta ... ill teach you it all.. but itll be awhile... and if your nice enough, you might even get a dot or two of H4rDC0r3 out of it... everyone needs at least a dot or two...?

i taught laura, and now shes on this crazy-ass rampage.... but its working, oddly.. its even scary how its working...?

but yea

i want new ppl in my life, there usually fun.. altho there not awakened and usually NPC's anways... they can alwayz learn

im sleepy

i didnt get to d2 except early today

on got ot lvl58 wit CooliesBowChick ... PimpMasta_JohDa is at lvl 5

almost shifted into the evil alterego JohDa...

Jillian, the new one, is so awesome... maybe that is destiny? i mean, think about how funny n all destiny-esqe that would be!? i really hope i dont destroy her life.... but i do hope that things work out well..?

im gonna sleep..

im obviously fatigued


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