2003-02-26 @ 12:56 a.m.
AmpdCutiePie ~ but some actual day too

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~ Okay, sometymes even in a decent mood these things annoy me.. sorrys :P

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i actually had some day... but it really wasnt much of an accomplishment

i woke up and played d2 awhile... i was trading stuff today.. got some nice runes, some other sweet stuff... trying to get rid of my crappy items ... i have alot

i think im gonna make a PK assassin ... but at the same time, i wanna make a char that can kill lots of shit quickly... ? so i dunno ... that would be a barb w/ a polearm n whirlwind.... oooh the sweetness

so yeah.. ill prolly havta look over the assassin stuff agin...


oh yeah.. my day

so laura calls, i take a shower n go to the park.. she tells me about her breaking into kiels home using the balcony *iv wanted to do that for , like, 4 years .. im pissd* and then now she in lotsa trouble n stuff... blah blah blah.. she goes to lonnys

then i goto kiels pretend i kno nothing and i eat alot, we chill awhile, then play Star Wars RPG ... it was fun

we got kicked out tho halfway thru, so we went to kecks

at 11:20 i realized the tyme, and asked mom to stay longer.. she said she was disgusted for ruining my life, so i can keep messing up, she didnt care..... ... ... ... ??? ..???????

so, i stayd till we finished and all went home

now im home

and im gonna play more d2


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