2003-02-24 @ 10:29 p.m.
AmpdCutiePie ~ and almost no day whatsoever

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CellPhone: call it :P 8212392

Midi: no MIDI ... ?

Stuff: i dont talk to ppl enough anymore.. i need attention :D plz?

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um, today wasnt even a day

i woke up, playd d2 all day, laura calld but i cant remember anything about that... calld lilly for no reason.. she wants the cock, but i dont want to give it to her... spent about an hour in dwights car, but nothing really came of that, except a party i cant go to because of "the incident" at JQ's ..

so yeah

i hav all sorts of coolies items now on AmpdCutiePie !!! oh the sweetness!

i have 'stelth' breastplate and 'rhyme' spikedshield ... and lotsa gems n stuff .... shes up to lvl 51, iv maxed-out lightning mastery :D ... now im gonna max out Warmth... then prolly Nova *loves nova.. its, like, the coolest spell*


so yeah

i realized jills entire life is jus to run away from the pain of having me around... and even tho she put me thru equal/more, shes at least found a way to run from it and not-care about me anymore.... shes escaped from the 'us' .. i havnt.. and i prolly never will....

my escape is much less enjoyable... i play d2 all day.. joy ...

i need cash... like, $5000 ... but theres no way i could get that before i leave, so theres no real point in trying

as for chickage ... well, theres no real point in having a relationship since anyone i meet wont be interested in waiting for me ..... so really, theres no point in living life right now :)




theres nothing really else?


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