2003-02-15 @ 1:45 a.m.
jill~day~laura~and that fantasy returning?

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Midi: i feel all accomplished even tho i havnt really done much

Future: That perfect fantasy, true happiness, and all that other crap I messed up..... one more chance?

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today was long, but ill prolly win

dwight n kiel both call, wanting ot be my friend still.. but i say no cuz of jill

laura calls, tells me shes gonna spend today wit me and to try n be there after skoo

i realize i need my jean-jacket to go with my outfit, and its at kiels *fsck* so i call n ask about it ... i show up, and get to talk to jill... she wants me, isnt gonna admit it yet, but i think theres hope

im still friends w/ everyone now... and then i leave cuz im gonna hangout wit laura

shes in a good mood, i get to kiss her more than usual, we hang out awhile.. she calls about that party...... but the girl 'amanda' doesnt even remember who laura is, nor that she invited laura...

so now laura is sad... and a sad-laura is a much less playful laura

chill the rest of the day, and walk her home

during walking we came up wit the cooliesest plan on getting jill n kiel back ...

and then i walk all the way home :)

got pulld over while walking.. he stops and thru the mic yells *put your hands above your head* i do, then he has me lift my shirt to check fer a gun, im unarmed.. then he tells me to set my drugs on the ground .. im like "What!?" .. he asks about my mairjuana n mushrooms; says that someone in rainbow pants is running up n down fairoaks ... he has me face him with my back turnd, then turn around.. he asks me my age, i say "18" *cuz i am?!* .. he mumbles something about having a different suspect and drives off...???

i laugh about it half the way home :D

..........was gonna paintball wit jeff trm at 7am, but its too late now...

calld at midnite'ish, told janene to hav jill call

Ali had an entry, i wasnt in it, grr

Leslie updated about astronauts... i was in no way impress'd ... but i guess since shes quite an important persons shes gonna havta comment on stuff like that to appease her fanbase... actually, i dont even plan on getting any attention whatsoever.

im tired, iv walked fer about 4 hours, grr


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