2003-02-07 @ 1:02 a.m.
Mon voiture de sport , il fait mal *~* but the rest of life r0x0rz

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CellPhone: call it :P 8212392 .. But you'll only get to talk to Laura

Music: Alkaline Trio, so coolies

Future: Yeah, Im gonna r0x on it, so much ph34r of my sk1llz will be involed.............................................

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well, i realized my life, -My- actual life, is pretty shitty... but also fairly good. Im jus overemphasizing the lame and mis-using the good...

and unlike Emma thinkz, im trying, she needs to actually -read- the entry from tyme to tyme to know.


today was very Exp. gainy

i wake up to kiel calling *not laura, sad* .. he calls a bunch of tymes, i dont care... but after awhile i do.

it turns out laura is so drunk n passing out n crazyness at kiels

oh god.

i rush over there, i bring her lunch that i spend packing n stuff for her... shes passed out. she keeps waking up, moving, convulsing, or screaming, and then passing out agin... she manages to almost crack her dome once, and i catch her and let her slowly down, she passes out in my arms... prolly one'a the most pathectically-enjoyable tymes... it was kinda romantic even....

she starts to get less-dead and takes a shower... me n kiel both hav ph34r... she comes out only in a towel, and stays that way awhile... janene shows up, finds all the shower-mess, and a almost-naked laura, looks around agin, and asks laura "arent you cold?" . and walks into the garage... janene is totally desensitized to the world... i think you could shoot a toddlers brains out, and janene would stare blanky and ask "I hope i dont have to clean that mess?"


janene gets bored of a near-naked laura and gets her to put on clothes *we tryd to tell that to laura, she didnt listen, and sometymes she even got hostile?!* ... then, janene mentions "oh yea, i calld the cops too :D" ... oh shit... laura walks out while janene is stunning us, we give chase, but the Po catches her first.... funnny thing is, its the same officer that has picked her up a bunch of tymes before, so were not questiond much, and laura is taken away

oh god.

then, some lame-ness for dwight, some discussion/walking wit jeff

go to Sylvan, gran calld... but fatkid wasnt out yet, fuck him .... i wait, i drive home.. my transmission makes scary grinding noises... i get home, U-turn... and drive a lil... then its Screams-all-grindy-like and the whole car feels like it trying to separate... im like "ok, fsck this" and drive it home... yea, the cars dead.

some walky- then laura calls

some chillin,saw Amanda The NPC *whos cute*, lateda, get goin wit dwight, eat at carls jr wit dwight n ffej, go n try to find a Rammstein CD *i think dwight wants to buy one?*, then try to pick up ALyssa *we were in her car*... well, she was supposed to be out at 7, we see her come out at 7:45 to tell us shes gonna be a lil late... and she goes back in.. so dwight drops jeff n me off.... laura was calling this whole tyme, and bit-by-bit she managed to end up waiting fer me at my home

i get there, she tells me everything about these days... she uses her cuteness and my own challenge-ness to get the best of me *altho i really do like her anyways, and im seriously not gonna fsck her, no way, eww* ... dwight shows up, she tells him the story.. we get in the car, start to go somewhere, she realizes the tyme, we havta go back to my home, dwight doesnt/cant give her a ride to her home afterwards... so i convince my mom to let me borrow the car *sweet* and i drive laura home... and i figured out a pattern with her... she only seems to like me when im mad at her; my solution is to always keep in mind shes only gonna be nice until im un-mad, and so that'll piss me off n keep me mad. oh the sweetness

then, im driving my moms car home, and i see keck, alyssa, dwight, natalie, and kiel walking... i park, wait, flask the highbeams, etc... it was fun, they get in, i start dropping ppl off... first keck n alyssa, since it was close, then natalie, cuz yea... then i drove around wit dwight n kiel a bit.. made up a lil half-lie about it and then dropped off the car *but not before doing a lawn-job about 6 houses down from myne *lolz* ... then i park it, give back the keys, tell my story*lil, half-truth* and walk towards kiels

*** then, the DM runs an adventure ***

kiel remembers that theres a bum-hive close to mesa... but we cant go do anything about it until we have our weaponry... which happens to be in my broken car.. so the DM leads us to the back of mesa, where theres this funky bike-rack.. we break it down into a weaponary-pole and a ladder, use the ladder to get on top of a boxcar, then find a trashcan nearby wit, like 4 more weapons and a shield in it! sweetness!

but, kiels a lil girl n doesnt feel right about killing bums w/o being fully profiecient in the new weaponry ... so we walk around breaking shit n searching for a lone-bum... and instead find a giant rock we wanna push down a hill. We cant cuz the rock is stuck, but we makes plans on how to un-stick it; thats for trm tho

we walks back to kiels, deposit our new weapons n retire for the nite

i get home, eat a lil, call laura *she borrowd my cell agin* and then im here

yeah, i feel very Exp'd ... so much more H4rDC0r3 than the few dayz ago... hehehe

and, im not letting life kick my ass... so i think the DM has given in and is gonna enjoy this new outlook

life seems to be getting better :D?


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