2003-02-05 @ 12:25 p.m.
day start ~ no job, only 'hard' to sleep

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~ Okay, sometymes even in a decent mood these things annoy me.. sorrys :P

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ok, my day so far

i woke up at 8:07.. realizing i wasnt woken up, so i fall back asleep

laura calls at 8:50, wondering if im gonna visit her.. I am.

I wake up, get ready, and make her lunch *okay, i hate making lunch so much i would go hungry before making myself lunch... but today, i made her lunch*


i bring it to her, and get a note... shes doing that -unsure- crap ... Oh No, not on my tyme.

then i come home, write a note, try to sleep... the challenge is -really- messing with my sleep. Grr.

so i wake back up, try some online money-stuff...

I learn to play piano.. well, not really, but i did learn how to read music *kinda* and i can play this one song..?

so tried some harder stuff and my brain hurts... so yea

now im bored.

I almost want to hate life, but I like Laura... so yeah... my life is slowly stabilizing agin... lovely.

*sigh* i hate waiting... i wanna go see her -now- grr

im not taken tho... Second Stage is -so- fun sometymes :)


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