2003-02-04 @ 10:11 p.m.
H4rDC0r3, must win this challenge... grr.

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Mood: H4rDC0r3, so much to do trm, but im gonna win! I wont let this go!!

Car: Getting a job trm to pay for it .... damn expensive gas n stuff

Future: Hmm, This thought came back.. I like my pigtails?

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okay, today iz jus fsckin weird

laura calls a couple tymes, but im firm in my plan

i wake up on my own, dwight comes right as im thinking of leaving myself...we chill awhile, i almost saw jill today, it would'a suckd ... more tyme wit dwight, finally sko was out, went to da skoo, lateda.. saw laura, she was with those other ppl... grr... spent tyme keck, alyssa, dwight, matalie ... joel n amada-the-NPC, and some other fool were at the skoo... we went to psycho p's home, chilld awhile... i realized there that i wanted to die

Everything that ever makes me happy gets torn away form me... theres no point whatsoever. .. so i decide to give laura her stuff back then go kill myself.

i leave, they wonder why im gonna go ... assume laura n hate me... i get home, type that msg.. laura calls, i tell her my plan, she wants me to come over.

i do, we talk, lateda, and now i realized what im gonna do.

The DM isnt gonna keep me down.. he trys to take away what makes me happy? Fuck Him! im not gonna let him do this! so, im gonna stay with laura, and anyone who still cares about me afterwards can still be my friend. Im not gonna un-friend anyone, even if they un-friend me.

I really care about her, im not gonna abandon her.


so yeah, now im here, hating life.. i have -so- much to do trm... i hav ph34r, but im only very H4rDC0r3, so yeah, its on!!!! :D

***PS: i had pigtails today.. hehe***

****PSS: poem by Emma, made me think of laura... its really a good poem :D ->
He walks her home
Now he walks alone
The days they turn in
The way we are the way they were
(It's just a shadow of what's wrong)
The time with you the time is stirred
The hearts they turn, they turn away
Love lost was found, night turns to day


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