2003-01-29 @ 12:49 a.m.
Drunk is way better than High. Serious.

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Food: But what to eat?

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okay, so i get dwight, breifly see laura

see gets moved, i spent alot of day with jeff, then conspired to get drunk

I have reason, kiel told Dan everything about jill, all about the sex n cheating *Lolz* but anywayz, i needed to be out-of-it before that hit me

i was convinced into getting stoned



It sucks, i mean, it fun and easy, but its so w34k and quick-leaving

so whatever, not really worth my tyme

i was feeling messed-up an hour n half ago.. now im all 'whatever'

its not worth it

Im gonna see laura trm before skoo... from a voicemail left on my phone, the assumption is shes gonna tell me she loves me to try n get me to submit

If she says that to me she'll be slapped... Jennifer said it after 2 or 3 weeks of together-ness, and i looked at her funny... so 3 days isnt gonna convince me. Itll be proof of her evil

I tryd to kiss kiel agin... Eww... I jus get lonely sometymes... I Hate Life

um... gonna read an email iv bein hoping for... nitenite fer now

oh wait, i also bought an Alkaline Trio CD!!! its "Maybe I'll Catch Fire"

so coolies

nitenite fer nows


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