2003-01-27 @ 9:26 p.m.
Zombies everywhere; I Still Hate Life

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*** Really isnt in the mood to fill this in ***

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I Still Hate Life.


laura wakes up, we go waste tyme, the talk to various people, and get the idea to get drunk..

we call around, finnaly find out dwights at his work.. we spend awhile at his work, were gonna go get drunk

we talk to tina about obtaining my Vodka, we talk to keck, he had other plans for us, but they arent really gonna happen, now im home, checking to see if i hav any money

i dont

I was talking to Laura, who may hav to move very soon *maby even trm*

the first day we started talking, we discussed how a kiss can show how much you like a person, stuff like that... we had plans

Today, I tell her ill be sad of she leaves, and that since she doesnt want that kiss to be while shes drunk, we'd either havta do it before, or risk there being a trm.

Shes says "I dont want to kiss you right now, It has to be special, and im not ready.. the only person id really want to kiss is kiel"

okay, cuz that makes me feel good *chokes on sarcasm*

so basically, run thru the chick-re-translator === Your not special enough, id rather be trapped in kiels awfulness than want to seriously consider, because, your so awful that -kiel- is better

I Hate Life.

plus, piper i think is a main zombie.. and i ph34r worse... laura is one too.

and thats why they dont get along. they knew, from the start ... they fought over kiels soul, and then were both hurt by kiels pre-existing evil ... but jill doesnt havta worry about kiels evil, so piper rips away jills soul, and then jill gets kiels


in short, everyone is evil, they suck, and ,

I Hate Life.

I n33d to D13


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