2003-01-27 @ 12:28 a.m.
the rest of today... WL, i hate zombies

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Place: WL ... God I Hate Zombies.

Car: Stop-Leak and Hope ... plus a few bucks in gas money :D

Future: Christiana says she needs tyme; So did Laura. Fsck Tyme.

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okay, so after that i clean moms car, then go to the galleria mall, laura eats dinner wit my family, then we watch Star Trek V (5).... I want laura, but in a very sincere and afraid way... because i know she isnt perfect, she has the ability to betray and hurt me.. i dont want that

Id be nice to make my dream girl, just pick all the little nice things i want, none of the other stuff.. but, the problem, shes already taken. Or she hates me anyways.

after star trek, we talk awhile, then drive out to the WL, so scary... the zombies are on to us i think

Kiel is a zombie lord, jill is a zombie lord, their turning the entire scene into zombies one by one.

laura might be, but prolly not. i went all the way around it too... like, 40 miles of driving ... scary shit

got back, dropped laura off, visited tina briefly... found out lilly is a lieing slut *agin* ..

Lilly told tina that i told my mom i drank, so my mom was kicking me out...!? wtf?

so, basically, lilly isnt cool

the running away thing prolly isnt gonna happen... it sucks, but at the same tyme, yeah....

Ali kept going on/offline today .. i wonder what thats about....

She hates me, laura might too, secretly.. she said that one key word that mkaes me seriously want to stab.. throughly stabb .... 'need' 'more' 'tyme'


I dont hav tyme.

tyme is not an option, if i wanted to wait things out, you wouldnt hav bein prompted to try and say that to me... that line is bullshit anyways, tyme never pans out, tyme is an excuse, tyme means "i dont like you.. i dont even like you enough to tell you i dont like you... you mean so little to me that telling to this is not worth my tyme and breath to say it"

yeah.... girls suck

i dont think tina is evil... she deserves better than what shes got... i hate life

I Hate Life.


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