2003-01-25 @ 12:46 p.m.
my day, and/or yesterday.. grr, i hate being wakeded up >:P

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CellPhone: call it :P 8212392 -> It cuts out sometymes tho... sorrys

Person: Dawn, the Malkavian

You know you wanna E-Mail me ... do it. Jus fscking Do It!! .. !!!

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okay, im very pissed... wrote a very long entry las nite, but DLand stabbd it dead.

my nite wasnt very interesting

went to the pizza place, went to kiels agin, i ended up talking to jill... i almost -faint- ... it was very scary.. then later, we talk upstairs.... she started saying that -I- was lieing, i was the crazy one... i almost believed her.. but the timeline kept running thru my head.. and her new-sarcastic tone is the same one piper lies with... so it ended

we chilld outside, play with fire, Dawn n lacey call my cell *was happy, and yet a little stunned* ... the phone cuts out... then i get to play *hehehe* kiel n travis had this bottle they were spraying fairly thick hair spray on... they lit the bottle on fire... watched the flmaing spray dripp, lame stuff... they thought they had burnt up all the fluid on the bottle, but i knew better.. i show them my puting the lighter *lit* into the mouth of the bottle -> the inside catches, the flame starts the the front, shoots towards the back, and once it hits the back, a streak of white-hot flames shoot out of the mouth of the bottle.... the problem was i was watching the flame, not moving my hand.. so my hand was on fire :)

then to dwights, were we watched bourne identity *agin*

i got bored, came home, got online, talked to ali, tried to update

I thought the thing with Ali was over, right, since im not making progress, and shes not cooperating... but now i dont kno... im gonna just sit here and wait... and if things go bad, now ill get to say "i told you so" which at least makes it feel a little better :)?


now for today, which suckxd ass

laura calls twice, asking about kiel.. grr ... then calls my house, gran runs in later looking for kiel *who isnt here* ... then keck comes over, tells me about this *i knew* ... then My Mom comes in and asks about 'where were you last nite' ... WTF?

im trying to get some fuckin sleep! leave me alone!!!

So, now im awake, typing an entry, i just finished talking to Ali, who is cute, and now im gonna sleep, or do somethin.. i dunno



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