2003-01-22 @ 12:21 a.m.

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Mood: In case you havnt noticed, iv seen better days.

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I came online expecting something to have happened

it didnt

makes me think i was right when I said i -should- hav pressed 'reset' but didnt .... life has slowly become more and more depressing -and- boring...

how the fuck can this much nothing ruin me?

I mean, im walking around in pigtails... no one says anything

no one even cares?

i need something to change


before I change something


no email, no important updates, nothing

I try and try and try ........ i makes things worse

fsck this!

Why should I be willing to waste all this time and effort? Im looking forward to -alot- of working, alot of 'try', and for what?


thats all i can keep asking


im close to crying .... i hate this

really, the root of all this is hope

and how hope is a big fucking lie.

I came home hoping Ali emaild me

i came home hoping someone, anyone, had something nice to say?

instead, no emails, no ones on.

So, im back at the whole "Im suppsed to be dead, this sucks"


Maybe I should! Tonite! Right here!!


im gonna go do something... maby ill come back


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