2003-01-17 @ 5:23 p.m.
about to leave, another nite, another party *Popularity Sux*

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CellPhone: call it :P 8212392

Mood: kinda good, kinda sad; i want someone *grr*

Future: Depends on what other people do and say.

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i went to dwights, wit jordan, kiel, april, all them ... got a hold of shannon, went there

my nite before the drinking wasnt memorable, and the nite drunk i cant remember well

its a funny coincidence


they got me to talking... got, like, all my secrets out of me.. except for one -> the diary .. so this space is still free *dances in joy*

im starting to think Ali doesnt like me ... of course, i havnt really given her any reason to start ...

today, well, i woke up at 3-4 , ate, came home ...

see, theres another party, bigger than the first two ... at JQ's, his parents are gone fer the weekend .. oh god, i wanna go! But, i told Ali i wasnt gonna drink.. and to clarify, iv -sipped- about 7'ish tymes, but only drank 3. Hawks grad party, Kecks house, and shannon house... thats it

I didnt do anything stupid this tyme.. there was no buffing, no kissing, no nothing... jus alot of talking

Oh god will this be funny...

so, im at a really hard decision, what to do? I mean, i really want Ali to like me, but she prolly wnt, which give me another reason to go to that party...

Grr at life

but, at least drinking makes me have a little less rant??

**intermission, emails**


so hopefully ill be called, anyone really can call, altho im looking forward to one in particular ;)

Paul, I never saw myself as a 'Paul' ... :D What would have bein cool, if she went and found one of those weird names from old-testament and given me that one.. Ezekiel would have bein a nice one?

**intermissin, checking out my stats**

im afraid... ppl can find my diary by searching! like, if they search for something iv said in an entry, they find that entry! nt cool!!! but, oh well :)

im gonna go.. im being taken to JQ's *save me*


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