2003-01-14 @ 11:49 p.m.
more typing, ranting, lateda

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this is what, like, my fourth entry?

in case you hadnt guess, when im home, im online alot; when im out, im not online alot. And if i use my car, im not home alot .... now, being that my car is away *sad*, that means lots of tyme online to bitch about any random thing

i went to dwights, where keck, jeff, and alyssa *dwights asleep in his room* ... i give her the reply-note, spend a good hour talking about kiel n dan ... then we havta leave, since its 10. me n jeff walk down the street, and stand at the corner of rollingwood n rusch, jus talkin about all sorts of stuff, most involving chick of one kind or another ...

then i walked home

now im here

*sigh* ... theres a serious problem with liking chicks who kno where the diary is -> they can look at it.

and so, since i do happen to like a few chicks at a tyme *The main/only benefit to being un-taken* , it feels weird to talk about them ... since they are gonna look, and see stuff about other chicks ... so by venting, letting me relax so that i hav a better chance, i actually screw myself since those chicks are reading n not-liking me


so, my solution -->> If you cant tolerate my inner thoughts *well, not too inner, none of those are here ;)* , then you really werent being sad about not-having.

So, back to the rant

I think im being avoided by both Ali n Adrian ... ali disappears between my online-ness, and adrian i doubt would ever care anyways

I think Alyssa tho ... if you read all her notes in order, youd see a definate increase in the likingness amount ... but that could be all friends-only crap ... which she'd agree with ... well, if it werent fer keck

some recent news from natalie suggests that Rosemary hates me ... *sarcastic tear* ... so im going to not care

And i now kno why jeff can be so lame and yet feel so good ... -_Apathy_-

i need to fine-tune my template.. a few lil things wrong with it

but only a few :)

becky iz taken, which pisses me off ... but shes also far away ... i dunno, shes really the only one i can trust.

And, iv decided something; I never Ever agin will leave a girl for another. There will have to be a true, clear, and unresolvable problem in the relationship before i am going to end it.

and so i will prevent myself from EVER EVER EVER being in this horrid situation EVER agin!

im gonna make another page, more about me ... like, an -ABOUT ME- page



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