2003-01-14 @ 5:23 p.m.
Im loving life a little more since Gold ...

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Stuff: Yay!! i got these thingys back! the JOY!!

Car: *Starts crying loudly* - *curls up into a lil ball* - *whimpering*

E-Mail: EMail Me! I want to hear your thoughts!

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sometyhme during the nite i paid for 6 months of Gold membership ... all my pics are back now :)

im thinking of changing my layout.. which, for me, is a big deal. Emma made this layout, and its very -Me-

but i dont want it to be -Me- anymore.. i need power, i need a reason to live... my layout is a reminder of my reasons not to.

so im thinking of a change ....


talked to both Ali n Adrian ... jus in case i hadnt mentioned it

today, i realized i hadnt calld in Monday.. which means i go into the Navy Office and hav ph34r .. but i called, and was excused..

kiel was supposed to go with laura to the hospital to start the abortion, but we dont really kno what happend... so there was drama

saw sara's lil sister, whos name i can say and not spell, and took her to sunrise n greenback, near the new rice bowl *drools*

then to raleys, got natalie, then to kiels


shortly afterwardz, jill n alyssa in the same room.. a little awkwardz.. her n dan might hav broken up *long story* .. the part im interested in -> i told her *in front of alyssa* "You reap what you sow" .. and now i havnt make sure to not-summit to jill

I must be strong. She was willing to have me die for that faggot, only sohe can un-b/f her. She iz Evil.

um... my car ...


well, they did everything but the ranny n the seatbelt, it cost $200 ....

the tranny their testing, the seat belt they cant do

whihc means when i go to court trm im fucked

yeah, its trm, the 15th, at 8:30am ... fuckd ...

i realize that as soon as i start caring, girls hate me

That is fucked up ... but its how things work ... so until im asked to care, im gonna stop caring

ill care about something more important ... like my career or somethin..?

ok, this isnt quite a fool-proof plan yet, but i havta try ... caring isnt working ... in fact, its destroying me ... Grr. Grr!!

now, im bored


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