2003-01-10 @ 11:55 p.m.
training, first demos, family sucks ~ grr and fun

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woke up lioke normal

trained like normal, maby even a lil better

ate lunch, so good soup .. Mmm...

more training... got my machine

was excited, did a demo for jeffs home... i well well, i had fun, it took about hour n 30 minz... i stumbled a bit, lost my place alot, stuff like that

came home, still pretty excited

fat little homoqueerbait kills my mood ..

asks stupid questions pissing everyone off.... interupts every 3rd line ....

after 1:30, if halfway done, and moms pissed at -Me- ...

i barely make it thru the demo, i skipped the last two pages ... it took 2-2:30 hrz ... i hate that fat little piece of shit

now im really unhappy. im feeling so unfun about my job now ... that fuckin swine might have just ruined one of the happiest eras of my life before it even barely began.

life, now, seems just a little more expendable than it did a few hours before .... grr

but i few nice things happened

I grr'd at Jill, and since im right, she quickly went offline... her faggot b/f trys to scare me, i iggy him, he tryd to get his friewnds on me, i iggyd them... *laughs*

I got an email from Ali ... That makes me smile :D

I talked to Patricia for the first tyme in a long while, which was coolies :)

and im gonna get some sleep hopefully, which is alwayz nice :D

speaking of which!


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