2003-01-07 @ 12:09 a.m.
w34k dai ; starting to update routinely agin?

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i need some feedback->

talked to jill today, about alyssa...

When I girl leaves a fairly important clothing item with you *pleather jacket* , knows you have it, has had a few oppotunitys to get it back, and has received a note mentioning it, and yet she still hasnt paid much attention... (most ppl think)

1) She doesnt like the jacket

2) She does like me :D

im pretty sure she likes that jacket.. soo.......

I spent awhile with Alyssa today, also some tyme with Natalie *kiels new g/f*

theve been going out for a few weeks, cuz laura broke up with kiel - but then she wants him back... he still screwed her awhile, even while he was with natalie

The last confirmd tyme was the first tyme we took laura to the hospital *shes also pregnant, but its a 1/3 chance of it being kiels* they had sex that morning. OR at least, they went in the shower together, and both came out wet ;) -- in any case, i had made the mistake of going out wit laura, it was our 2nd or 3rd day together... im dumb... Anywayz ->

So basically, kiel could be having two girls at once, and im about to kill myself because of Jill

I like Alyssa, Natalie, and Natalies sister->Rosemary

Well, those are the irl ppl

Id prefer Alyssa, but alyssa is going out with keck, which sux

Sux fat donkey balls

I know im better than he could ever be, and yet i get passed up .... agin, chicks WANT to be lied to


but yeah, as for my day

i woke up, talked to jill, chilld with natalie, then alyssa, then played Risk, now im home

w34k day


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