2003-01-06 @ 2:03 a.m.
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being suicidal and away from DLand sux

Those were entries i made in a notebook

I miss happyness

but iv decided to chase it *agin* instead of giving up

i realize I could have been very happy with Jennifer, if Jill hadnt lied and betryed me

now shes trying to say she never was gonna get back together with me

Fuck Her.

and not it the fun way

she gone, but i still used my l33t-skillz to use her... shes gonna help me get another girl

sweetness indeed


not the point

the point -> im still alive, and ill prolly stay that way fer awhile... prolly

I think Alyssa secretly likes me... i can kinda see it in her eyes... I dont have prrof, but i see something, and that the closest thing i could guess. I really hope so

I hope she likes me more, and she dumps Keck fer me

but im not gonna hold my breath..

Instead, im gonna hunt down a new girl, someone fresh, someone who has the full capability to be conditioned to how i need them

Someone New.

Or ill settle for someone old i havnt actually tried for

oh, side note-.

Dawn is cool, really cool. If she was here, id want her ;) ... but of course, missouri is prolly the dumpyest place on earth, and one of the banes-of-my-existance ...


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