2002-12-20 @ 2:05 a.m.
my fourth dot in Drive Ability

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its weird, like having a g/f stabilizes my life.. even if she loves my best friend and rarely talks to me

im so dumb for ditching jennifer

im so dumb for ditching jill

im so dumb .......

but, my day was *yawn*

super-evil-rain i went out in to see laura, for all of 90 seconds....

later, i go n buy her food, which wastes most of the tyme i could have spent with her

then i show up, she totally iggys me, asks fer kiel, talks with him until she has to go... doesnt even say bye to me, much less anything else


so grr

not only that, but now i have no recourse against Alyssa, who has come forward with her keck-plans

which, by the way, is really fscked up, since i wanted her longer, put way more tyme n effort... and even said he didnt even want a relationship, hes only using her fer some *he said, HE SAID THAT!* .... but no one cares..?!?!?!

yeah, fscked up

but, ya know, tonite was AWESOME

okay, were *we bring me, kiel, jordan* cruzing around, we happened to be near lauras home, we stop, im low n gas, we talk n stuff

this truck rolls by, flip a U, rolls by slowly, flips agin, and speeds off... we chase it... then, we turn n hide on this one street...

were found, by a car full of ppl

we circle, and on the first n second flip, we notice them hella looking at us... we go down laura street, they follow... we race past, are chased all over that area, i almost spin out going 40 around a corner *rainy rainy wet hydrated road* we go down to jeffs neiborhood, chased all thru there, roll near dwights, chased all thru there.... we loose them i think 3 tymes, but find them agin on accident every tyme

finally, we leaving dwights area, we roll thru fireside-lanes parking lot, they were hiding there, waiting for us to use the main street! ... we bolt to keck, but half way hella slow down, like to 40-45

they signal to turn, we do... we realized when they pulled next to us theyre ppl kiel n jordan knew

so we chilld a bit, then whent to kecks....

and i realized; I gained my 4th dot in drive ability!!!

YEAH!! w00t!!

*dances so happily*

i took most of those turns at 35-45, in the rainy slick low-traction conditions, little-to-No squeling or squeaking, only almost spun out once, but i hella saved it, easyily, n quickly.... so sweet

so yeah

i came home, typed a email to laura, complaining like a lil bitch

next, in writing a letter to Alyssa, since im kinda mad

but, whatever

nitenite fer nows


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