2002-11-27 @ 12:42 a.m.
MEPS ~ MEPS ~ MEPS ~ and some day around it 0.o?

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okay.. so the next day *Monday*

i chill wit jordan awhile;

jill didnt call n wake me up, i went to MEPS

actually, i went to the recruiting station and was breifed for MEPS

i got there, got my room, and called home, jill, and home

got jill to compromise a l33t compromise; i stay alive, she gives me kisses :D

then i try to sleep, and stay up till 12


i wake up at 3:30; get the wake-up call at 4am

go to breakfast, my stomach doesnt feel good, i spent the whole fsckin day getting a physical

im traumatized .... okay, im not diggin the public-nakedness stuff ... i spent 2-3 hrz in only my tighty-whities; and prolly 30-60minz over the entire day wit my giant MAN-dible out ... not fun

but whatever... i got thru it, and im now part of the U.S. Armed Forces! w00t!

i got home SO tired..

chilld wit jeff breifly

brought a .117 caliber heavy pistol

played wit it, let my lil bro play wit it a lil

im about to sleep.. tap-tap-tap ... jordan, dwight n tina

so we pile into da car, and go cruzing

then to dwights, watched 'Ice Age' *which was -ok-?*, then home

im SO tired... so tired i cant fell my tired anymore

i wanna spank it tho

i wasnt allowed to fer awhile cuz itll cause excess protein in my urine sample, and the testers might think i have a kidney problem



trm i go to the recruiting office fer breifing on how to be a Sailor :D

um ... till thne


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