2002-11-25 @ 1:02 a.m.
a fairly better day ~ l33t'ness n H4rDC0r3 rockxsd

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so anyway, 50 years passed all my homies are old-ass fucks, i aint even got hair on my nutz

today, i woke up, watched "Making Marines" ... my mom thonung she'd scare me away from military.. the video made me want to become a female marine recruit?

ate, drove jordan to work, april home

to jillz, we talked

to game, got kiel n cj

dropped cj off

talked w/ kiel awile

and thats it



i dont want to date jill, only marry her :D

which means i dont really hav to bug her fer a few months *at least*

im having too much fun being single

i would think about jennifer agin, but shes very expensive

i spent, like, $200-300 of time n money on her ... jill never got that much during the relationship x18 that

right now, im thinkin Alyssa, or someone i havnt met yet

unless jennifer actually cares to convince me otherwise; i did like her n stuff

but agin, the single thing iz fun, and i kno if a bust-out my ultra-H4rDC0r3-l33t ill hav a g/f very quickly

which kinda sux

but kinda doesnt

evil evil evil evil paradox

im done typing


jill -> gets that tyme shes begging for

jennifer -> prolly wont ever talk to me agin

alyssa-> better hav ph34r

ME -> will start gaining n spending EP on l33t, H4rDC0r3, skillz, and other needed stuffs


nitenite fer nows

*is happy*


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