2002-11-17 @ 6:28 a.m.
dai~game~jill~not in that order~ game rockxsd

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today... and theres that confusing 6am thing

so i wake up, and the FIRST thing i do is call Jill

I talk breifly, tell her i love her ...

then did some chores, before going to dwights

do them, and also pay my lil bro $5 and a ride to do $10 worth of work, hes a tard

went to dwights, then kiels, saw jill.. went all sorts of places

ended up at Game

Game was Awesome :D im gonna be embraced 10th gen :):):) hehehehehe ... jeff is 13th. he is jealous. and then ill hav obfusgate x5, full mental traits, stealth specialization ... ill bid 18. Eight-Tenn. stupid onawa, try n run up on this!!

Shes the Malkavian primogen, elder, and keeper of elysium. She sees me in obfusgate, catches me. i bid 12, she had 11. but then the second tyme i failed. it suckd. she pulled me outside, told me to fetch Ffej. i tried, but he was busy. So i sat around OOC'ishly till the end, talking to other OOC ppl.

went to dwights afterwards, dwights sister keeps bringing over all sorts of cute friends to tease me with. grr.

but whatever

i cant wait till trm *tonite* ... hehehe, astral projection... hehehe... :D

no real news... my mindset is that i want; everything. so obviously my main goal is very unfulfilled. The problem comes from that none of my wants *well, the chick-kind anyways* are fulfilld ... but i do get to experiment with social-technique/pheramone-manipulation :D which, those skillz are going good. ~Skillz~

.. and thats about it


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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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