2002-11-11 @ 12:30 a.m.
Game, Auspex x 5~ Pentex_Is_Everywhere

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I feel asleep at about 7am; woke up at about noon-thirty :D ... yep

then i went to the Ffej's home, chilld, talked about game, two hours later we drive, first to Josh's, then to Matt's, then to Stewies, then to Josh's; only this tyme we find Josh *lots of ppl mentioned i dont really kno, there all from Game* and so we chill, Joe *dumbass x 5* shows up, Jeff tells him hes dumb, we go to game

we arrive 15 before the prep starts, im the second person to sign in *im usually 20-30th* and then i make Arc Avery, my most favest character ever!!! w00t!

i took Auspex x 5, and so i walk around all nite Astral Projecting, no one can see or hear or hurt me, and i can do WHATEVER! :D :D :D

The nite was fun!

then we went to Dwights, i hit on Tiffany, dwights-sisters-friend breifly, for fun, i doubt anything will come of it ;)

then to Shell, fer gas.. i realize no one sells walkie-talkies and midnite... and why Not??? grr..

Since the fourth dot of Auspex is telepathy, and it stay up till i cancel it, i can stay linked to jeff, anthony, or anyone else until i choose not to be... and so if we get far apart, the walkie-talkies will make things easyer :D hehehe...

well.. thats all



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