2002-11-06 @ 10:03 p.m.
CrazyDai~Jennifer :( ~ *NoLeafClover*

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took some tests, they suxd

Today was crazy...

I woke up early to do a project, but i woke up a lil too early, so i went to kiels...

its a reverse minimum day *WTF?* so no one but Jill was around.. and laura, but i think she was having sex w/ kiel in the bathtub..

so anyways...

Talked to Jill, then went home, then to an art store, then home

did some chinese ink brush drawing ... first i copyed one out of the book *assigned* then i made my own *assigned too* .. i chinese ink brush painted a mustang :) it was hotrod'd out too.. hehehe ...

so then i went to skoo, found jennifer, but didnt talk, jus ate,

came back

She was bein kinda odd... i asked her if she was mad at me..

she busts out a printout of my journal entry???? i got hella scared, cuz busting out paper freaks me somehow... but my own diary cant hurt me, but.. i think it did??

Jennifer wasnt talking, i told her i had to go to class, id talk later .. she said "Go to your class" and "Dont Bother."

Ooohh... Disssss

art, art, art, yawn

english, quiz, yawn

chilld at the AF *Annual Fund* , wrote n studyd my reasons,

Great Calls tonight!! w00t! i fscking rock! $100 of pledge!! YEAH!


*dances* and i think lori wants me :D ;)


then home ...

today iz crazy, or was *dink*

now i need to sleep, eat, spank it and shower


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