2002-11-04 @ 10:12 p.m.

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Well, im gonna make a new diary, for all my really secret secrets ... and lock it :D ... dont know wish you had some? Yeah:P

i woke up today, like normal, did skoo-work, went to skoo... fscking traffic suckd ass, a collision JUST before the split... i waited in line, like all the other fools fer, like, 30 minz .. jus to find it.. fsck fsck fsck

then i get there at 1:10, runs to the drink-machine-vendy, then to Art

forgot to turn in the HW, then i ran to the Union, got a double cheeseburger, ate it on the way to english, which by the way, enlgish was borin

then i sat w/ Jennifer n her friends playing cards, then i went ot work

I dont like having a job.. too much work involved.

The director ran behind me, grabbed away my sheet w/ the reasons on it, and tore it up in the middle of one of my calls... i totally froze, studdered, and got hung up on. She insists that i kno my reasons. Fsck.

then i got home, safe lovely home *:P* ... yeah.... my day

i hav a rant, but its really personal n secret, more personal and secret than the fact im gonna spank it to porno of lesbo's i d/l'd las nite

so yeah.. ill post the link, but its locked :P hahahahaha

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