2002-11-03 @ 2:45 a.m.

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today was a day...

i woke up n found out Jill had not called, so then i opend my mail n found my check-card. I wanted to call the number to activate it but mom sucks ass n was online, so i went to kiels to try n find the posse... but there was no posse, everyone was missing.

i leave my car at kiel n ride the bike home, thinkin laterz that day ill be back for it, and sit at home waiting fer pplz. I spent while till mom was off the phone, i called around n there was no one. I finally get a hold of Jill at fscking 5:30-6 *i spent all day watching TV* ... and so i talked, it helpd, kinda figured out a way to deal w/ things..... but anywayz~

so then i find out dwight iz back in town

i get a hold of dwight, ride my bike to his home, chill awhile, n then go to game

Game was lame; i agreed to be that one girls ghoul, thinkin she would be nicer than Anthony .... Nope.

first, she made a new character, which jus so happens to be crap, then she talks to all the wrong ppl, about all the wrong things, then, when i finally come up with a plan, to be embraced then diablerize some poor fool, the lil posse of outcasts i had turn against me! They are so dumb, but no, things get worse! So then a giant posse of elders, that happened to be orderd by the Prince to kill us, show up, and proceed to kill us. We were in a house in the middle of nowhere, but apparently if your standing on the other side of the street smoking, you can see everything :) so fsck them, i got cheese-dick-raped ... stupid fsckers

so then i make a new character, jeffs ghoul, and i will prolly live multiple nites in a row :D

dwight drived me home, i now im here ...

well, actually, not really, cuz that gay-ass-fscking-piece-of-shit-cheap-ass-cockmaster-fscking-shitty ISP mom got *instead of sweet DSL* wont let me connect, so im typing in my l33t Notepad :)

***Finally Gets online***

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*cough* Ziku *cough*


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