2002-11-01 @ 1:59 a.m.

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My philosophy paper was due today, so i decided to do it today :) *play on words*

i woke up and did my paper, then went to skoo

at skoo, i went to phil, got there just in tyme, turned in the paper, sat thru class, saw Jennifer, she had bein there a small while

she had no more classes, it was 2:00, she wasnt getting picked up till 3:40'ish, and I offered to take her home?

her dad *or mom, i dunno* tripped out, said no, grr grr grr, her phone died a few tymes... so shes jus like "fsck this, jus take me home" , and i agreed

so i did that, then went to kiels

chilld, lateda, took laura to her home, then to kiels, then dwight wanted to go to Michelles work, so i took him there, then got stuck in killer traffic back, then went w jeff n dwight to this church-thing to find Michelle, but it smelled like serious lil-kid ass, so me n jeff said "fsck this!" and went to kiels, then to the skoo fer the variety show... we walked in all casual, and since i had started at 7, it was now 7:50, no one cared that we didnt pay... most of it suckd, there was this one girl who sang some spanish song and OMG ... *drooolzz* omg ... i feel SO guilty for the thoughts i thinkd ... omg ....

so anyways~

then we all assemble at kiels, laura puts on some drama, i talk to jill breifly, and we *we including keck, weast, chris, jeff, jordan, kiel, april, dwights, CJ, n Me* all organize into a posse, consisting of keck-van, me-poonstang, and chris-somedumbtruck. .. and we goed to Krispy Kreme n had some donutz... then we went to kiels, then to lauras, then to my home, then to swag ... saw some drunk ppl n shit, lateda, then i raced kecks van.. he won at the start, but after i got up to 65 mph, i put it in overdrive.. i won. i cut him off going 75-85 mph. once we had stoppd *at dennys* i was so scared.. the scarest fscking ride of my life! but it rockxd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so then, i realized i used a whole notch of gas *2 gallons* on that race! Two Gallons! then we eat n chill at dennys, had a fun tyme, all sorts of crazy shit. I snorted equal, kiel had cut it into a line, then i went to the bathroom to blow my nose so that my nose wouldnt be stuffy ... i snort, i feel it travell slowly thru my sinuses... i started to burn more n more tho ... kiel relents, he said he had put some salt in it while i was away; the lesson was that i should cut my own shit, and watch it get made, never leave it alone. Im all "you fscking bitch" and i slapped him ... like, on the cheek, as if he got to grabby on the first date kind of slap... everyone was like "Oooh.." but he took it, since he did deserve it ... we chilld more... then went to go drop off weast, and then trash-can-bowl. once we dropped off weast, i need gas, so i told keck i needed gas, and so we went to the Chevron, which was closed, then the shell across the street. While i got gas, Jordan, jeff n dwight pussyed out, keck needed to be home imediately, jordan n april wanted to sleep, and so everyone kinda went there own way. CJ was lame n went home wit keck.. and since that only left me n Kiel, we couldnt think of somethin to do.... so we went home.

and now im here

i got home prolly at 1:30-2

i sweet nite, but also kinda lame... didnt get to trick-or-treat, and didnt get to trash-can-bowl... so yeah

General concensus, before and after the race *especially before* ; Im the best driver~!

no real rants.

um, sign my fscking guestbook!!


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