2002-10-30 @ 11:14 p.m.
dai~yesturday(sorrys)~but yeah...

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Im so lame.. forgot to update yesterday

well, not forgot, i jus didnt

yesterday i woke up, went to boring philosophy, talked to Jennifer

she was gonna break up wit me, cuz she thought i was a transsexual and/or a homosexual.

Yeah, WTF?

so i tell her that, obviously, im not :P

we talk more...

CSc10 sucks

me n Jennifer go to my home n chill, it rockd, then she had to go home :(



, i wake up, had a crazy dream... delt w/ that ;)

went to skoo.. saw Jennifer,

her parent are evil, they decided that she had went to my home, and that it was bad, and that she wasnt allowed to chill w/ me anymore?


so whatever... then i sat in front of her japanese class waiting fer her, then i chill w/ her in math9, then we eat, then i go to Art, then english, then work...

work was.. um...

i called people and asked fer money.. i got $50... w00t!

Lori, the supervisor, i think wants me.. or jus wants me to get more pledges...?


theres a paper due trm, in philosophy, due trm, its worth %15 of my grade! ... Of My Grade!!

so yeah

sorry fer missin a day... ill try to not-do that agin :D


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