2002-10-28 @ 11:06 p.m.
lateda~training~jennifer rox~*yawn*

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so i wake up early, to get to skoo early...

lateda, traffic, whatever, sat in the union n read my work-packet...

saw jennifer before her japanese class, im learning by proxy :D... then printed the english report, then saw her agin after her japanese class, and went to her math class w/ her, then went w/ her to the union n ate..

then Art, i didnt do the homework, whatever, then a breif encounter w/ Jennifer before english; english was boring as usual ->

then i spent more tmye with Jennifer *today, obviously, was coolies* before i had to go to training

I was the first one to call today; I rockxd! Im fscking awesome! ~skillz~

thene veryone else went, then we sat around, then we listen to other ppl call *we being the training group n me*

then i went home, got gas at the Chevron station..

Speaking of which, iv bein watchin StarGate SG1 alot lately... iv bein missing my bonus treks n i guess thats how im making up fer it?

Caffeine makes me suck at my job. Sugar makes me rock. So now, im finding sugar :)



no rant, Jennifer, in all her beauty, cuddlyness, and every other kind of coolness, has left no room for need-of-rant. My life, dare i say, is becoming kinda.. normal?



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