2002-10-27 @ 3:45 a.m.

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!~ RING ~!

fsck the phone, im still asleep.

!~ RING ~!

fsck the phone, ya know, like anyone that I fscking give a damn about is calling. Jennifers at work. 'nough said.

!~ Ri.... sl33p....

so I wake up, like i do every moring *well, its moring to me!* ... and i do that morning crap, mouthwash was especially washy to my mouth today :D but so yeah, then i call Kiel back, and go to Dwights, then laura wants me to drive her to evangelines *in downtown* ... 40 miles round-trip.. err... got fundz? so with the agreement of $10 i agree. we get lauras, *we bein me kiel travis and now laura* and then to kiels *i think* and then to Chevron. I spent $9.99 on 6.665 gallons of gas... fsckin creepy *has the receipt, and the lucky one penny to prove it!!*

so then we go to evangelines, park n sit, go to the shop, the place is PACKED, and hot n stuffy .. grr... i find these sw33t coveralls, n buy jordan this face-covery-thingy; laura has some kind of drama over somethin.. i think the thing she saw on sale was gone. big whoop :) right? well, shes all like -> drama, drama, drama...

so me n travis spend, like, fscking, 30-an hour chillin ... then we go home :D then i am bribed w/ a dolla' to stop by kiels home. alright, sure, whatever... well, kiel n laura spend some quality tyme in the bathroom together ... more than 30 minz of it ...


so FINALLY we drop laura off, and go to Dwights work *carls jr near sunrise mall* and chill - i eat n use a coupon that was provided to obtain 2 westernz per the price of one.. i ate one, everyone else attacked the second. then we went to Dwights, chilld, then my home *not all, jus kiel jordan n april* and i changed into these sw33t coveralls. then mom sayz 'check this shit -> Arbys" so we acqwuired, like, 6 arbys sandwiches. i eat two, while we go to jordans, then dwights... then we go to Game. on the way we stop by da ATM n get caught behind a bus... but whatever -

at game, i met up wit anthony, he makes his/me/my/ghoul, and so the nite begins.

first, and interesting thing in the Nos sewers, we do this quest, and acquire phatty stacks of Gold. then we *we bein me n anthony* spend the rest of the nite either doing nothing or doing nothin near the Ventrue, who are smoking. *fsck that shit, but whatever* .. finally, i am given the quest to drive a car... right?

well, when i get to said car, cops are there *all in-game; cops are NPC's run by the storyteller. No real police were ever involved (ThankGod)* ... theyre trippin out, and they ask "is this your car..?" .. "Uh.. sure, yeah, why?" .. "Could you open the trunk for us?" .. "Sure :D" , and so i open the trunk, and theres two bodyies in it! YaY! .. one of a girl, who got stabbd; and one of CJ's character, who was the stabb'r, and who was to be deadifyed n disposed of. well, i get cuffed, questioned, and thrown in jail. My one phone call was a plea to Anthony to save my ass *sure, ill do that* ... well, the whole town has an emergency meeting; i am the topic *SW33T!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh SW33T!!! sw33t o sw33t o sw33t!!!!* .. ... the bad part; i am gonna stay in jail. Foreva'. I get raped, by Bubba. Cell Block D. .... YaY!! new character tyme!! i dont havta be anthonys ghoul!! YaY!!! fsck Ventrue!!

anywayz... :D

so this girl, who i saw n met n had a crush on from Dawna'z game, like, 6 months ago adopts me; i am to be her ghoul *w00t!* - *and not fer any reason that Jennifer might be mad at :P anyone is better than Anthony or Jeff* ... so then she goes to make my character - since i dont like to make my character since i suck at it... She sucks worse! :) .. so then Game ends before shes done, and she leaves earlyer than that -> i make it at Dwights later..

speaking of which, after game i go to Dwights, make my new character, watch Aliens (2), and then drop CJ off at his home fer $2. the ride cost me, maby, 20-30 cents in gas.. $2... making profit all day long! w00t!

now im here... the tyme changed, so my clocks think its 5, its really 4, *truTyme iz back!* and im hella awake? WTF?

I wish Jennifer could go to game. Itd be fun! She could be OOC even, jus follow me around if she really wanted. *sad*

well, nitenite fer nows *ormaby GoodMornin'?*


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