2002-10-25 @ 11:37 p.m.
dai~rant *w00t!* ~ and some other crap or somethin?

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okay, so today i wake up, take michael to his skoo, go to mesa n chill a bit, see ppl, like travis april *traviss sister*, greg, n such, and then took my car to the chevron to have all that work done, then i go home, study the annual fund stuff, then to the bank, i got a new checking n credit card *w00t!* and once i save alil more ill get a RothIRA *w00t!* and so then i got home, then went to the car-place.... its was 12, they said before they started theyd be dome at 12 ...... i wait and hour n a half,

get home at 1:30, call Jennifer since i was supposed to be there at 1, no answer, drive down there *noticed incresed performance from da car; the check engine light still comes on* then i found her, she figured out i had bein calling , her phone said 7 missed calls *GRR* ... then we went to this chinese restaurant, which was coolies, then we went back to the coolege, then she had to get picked up *whatever*

then i went to work.....

an hour spent listening to girl-talk between my supervisors *enjoys girl-talk ; is weird* ... and then i get more training... i suck at calling, but at least i didnt majorly-fsck-up like las tyme... the boos, maggie, thinks that maby id be better at calling after a few shots of tequila :D ... so anyways, i fyte off nervousness, make my role-play-call, fsck up, but not badly, and then wait till tyme to go home :) ... fairly sw33t... got home, Jennifer was supposed to call, but didnt *grr* ... so now im here

oh, by the way, cowboy suck, kinda like nasty hoes who lick balls, only cowboys suck more, and enojy nappyer balls more frequently. I was supposed to hav friday nite bonus treks, but instead they had gay-ass-bull-riding ... is it not enough for them to hav sodomy-orgy with all their butt-buddie-yocal-pplz; apparently not, they also want to get ass-reemed by a creature more than x4 their mass :D ... like when they were kids n got raped by their dirty-drunk-ass-dads ... but anyways; i was thinking, why dont they do somethin a lil more interesting if they really wanna preserve their faggot-ass cowboyness. they get a team of african-americans, have a fat-drunk-ass-cowboy w/ a whip, and see whos team can pick the most cotton while being chased around by the cowboy w/ the whip. Traditions were meant to be broken, especially gay-ass-cowboy traditions.

bull riding was not worth my bonus treks, fsck cowboys.


but before that; i had given breif thought to ditching the diary, since its getting hard to write frequently, and i dont really need to vent ...

but then i did that ^^^ it felt good.

altho i dont actually type anything that truly bad... and yet this diary is filled with less than wholesome material. Think of if I actually let loose... what kind of awful things might happen ...?

oh, by the way

tihngs <- ya know how asians who come here hav the accent that says 'tihngs' instead of 'things' ... maybe it was just a mis-print in the book? wouldnt that be somethin :D

i tried to not-drink caffeine... but i did; better luck trm :D

wonder whats happenin trm? Game, maby?


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